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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, Texas!
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  • Natalie Goldberger, DVM - Owner

    Dr. Goldberger graduated from UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 1991. She gained her National license through the AVMA-Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates in 2008. She is licensed in Texas and Colorado, and is also a NATRC veterinary judge since 2012. Doctor G’s passion has been for the well being of animals since she were born. She loves to horseback ride and take care of her pets when she is not working.

  • Daimi P.
    Senior Vet Assistant
    DAIMI joined the CAC family March 2016 as the head technician. She earned her degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2002 & Marine Biology in 1991 in Cuba. Daimi has been in the veterinary field for over 14 years. Her favorite thing about working in the veterinary field is cheering up all the sick or hurt pets. When Daimi is not working she is busy with her family; camping, fishing, and with her 4 cats Mama, Minu, Craty, and Mitzu.
  • Manuel R.
    Vet Assistant 2

    MANNY joined the team in March 2018. Manuel gained his degree in Veterinary Medicine in Venezuela Central University (UCV) in 2008. His ultimate goal is to gain his license as a veterinarian in the US. He likes to spend his time with his wife and children.

  • Simon S.
    Vet Assistant 2

    SIMON joined the CAC family in August of 2018. He has been in the veterinary field for 11 years now, and has his degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Venezuela Central University (UCV) in 2008. He lives here with his wife and two children, and loves mixed-breed dogs. Outside of working he loves to read, spend time with his family, and eat!

  • Kristine L
    Admin Assistant

    KRISTINE rejoined the Copperfield Animal Clinic team in August of 2018. She worked here as Kennel Tech in 2007 under previous management and was excited at the opportunity to return with our current team. She has four pets - two dogs, Einstein and Jedi, and two cats, Hops and Pantalaimon. She has a collective eight years in the Veterinary industry and has a strong passion for client education and bettering pets' lives. 

  • Jaime B.
    Veterinary Assistant/ Front Desk Receptionist

    JAIME started working at CAC in December of 2017 and is currently going to school to become a veterinary technician. She has always had a passion for animals and has grown up with pets since she was very young. At the moment, she is enjoying the company of her dog Luna Marie and her gecko brothers Mushu and Milo - she hopes to expand her personal zoo in the future. 

  • Kaitlyn P.
    Front Desk Receptionist

    KAITLYN, from Cypress, TX joined CAC July 2017. She has been in the vet field for 2 years. Kaitlyn has a warm spot in her heart for special needs pets. She has 3 of her own, Tripp, Missy, and Dharma. Kaitlyn's favorite thing about working in the vet field is helping clients learn about to properly care for their fur babies. Outside of work Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with family and going two stepping with friends. 

  • Darlene G
    Front Desk Receptionist

    DARLENE joined the Copperfield Animal Clinic family on October of 2018. She graduated from Langham Creek in 2014 and will be starting Tech school in the future. She took veterinary technician training classes as electives and loves the field, which she's been a part of for about 2 years. At this time she does not have her own pets, but she loves Boston Terriers and being able to see all the pets of our clients.

  • Melanie C
    Front Desk Receptionist

    MELANIE joined the staff in January of 2019, fresh into the veterinary field. She has four dogs and a horse, as well as a young son. Her favorite breed is pit bulls and thoroughbred horses. In her off time she enjoys time with family, riding horses and competing in rodeos. She's also a big fan of trying new foods around town.

  • Aldi S.
    Front Desk Receptionist/ Kennel Technician

    ALDI joined CAC in 2015. She will soon start her journey in LSC. When she is not at CAC caring for our boarding pets and helping clients, Aldi enjoys expanding her knowledge on animals, conservation, and photography.

  • Laila Z.
    Kennel Specialist

    LAILA joined our CAC team in June 2018 after having done volunteer work here for her school. She's been in the veterinary field for a short time, now, and has been loving the ability to take care of the pets who stay here. She has two sisters and two brothers, and a rabbit as a pet. She loves volunteering, volleyball, painting, reading and cooking, and she is grateful every day for being able to help pets in need.

  • Marie C.
    Greeter Supervisor
    Marie is our Professional Greeter here at CAC. When she is not greeting clients she is literally in her box at the front desk, relocating pens (even when in use), and of course making friends with our patients in the back! She likes to roam the entire clinic taking care of business supervising the entire crew. She was left in the clinic when she was just 6 weeks old, and it didn't take her much to gain the whole crew hearts.
  • Noski
    Treatment Area Supervisor

    Nosky was a found and brought to the clinic. She has gained the love of all of us due to her gentle and lazy character. She just like to be rubbed on her belly or be laying in her basket. She loves to play with Marie as well.

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