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Are You Searching for a Caring Veterinarian in Houston?

We Are Your Veterinarian in Houston For Expert Care. 

Visit us at Copperfield Animal Clinic if you are searching for an Animal Hospital with staff who are knowledgeable and caring. We have your veterinarian, vet techs, and veterinary assistants in Houston for the best in care for your dogs, cats, and other pets.  

Meet Our Friendly Staff

If you are looking for a veterinarian in Houston who truly cares about each patient and is friendly each time you take your pet in to visit then you will be happy to meet Dr. Natalie Goldberger DVM, and her Vet Techs Simon and Gaby. As well as the skilled Vet Assistants Ricky, and Jamie. And of course, the friendly support staff, Kimberly, Gabriella, and Melanie. You will also be pleased to meet our furry support staff, Marie and Noski when they feel like greeting guests. 

Services We Provide 

Our clinic provides comprehensive care to pet patients across the region. 

We provide regular check-ups and paw to snout exams where we make sure your pet is healthy, with administering any needed vaccinations, and parasite control measures. We also provide urgent care, so if your pet becomes ill or has an injury that needs immediate veterinary care you will have a place to turn. If you are on the fence about whether your pet needs urgent care or a sooner appointment, feel free to give us a call to find out what we think. 

At the clinic, your pet will be well taken care of if they need any surgical procedure. We spay and neuter, remove foreign bodies, remove masses, provide dental extractions, and other surgical procedures as needed. We take every precaution before the surgical procedures including blood work, pain management, and antibiotics as needed. We perform soft tissue, orthopedic, and dental surgical care regularly. 

Dental check-ups, cleanings, and extractions as needed because dog and cat dental health are as important as human dental health. They can get painful cavities and disease from lack of dental care. 

Quality boarding services is available pets enjoy outdoor time about three times daily in our safe back yard. We provide fresh bedding and food daily. If you have more than one pet they will go out for playtime together, and if your pet is with us for more than five days they will receive a complimentary bath. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Animal Hospital or To Schedule Your Pet's Next Appointment. 

Copperfield Animal Clinic serves the Houston area with comprehensive and caring veterinary care. We look forward to meeting you and your furry pals soon. Call today, (281) 859-4430. 

Free nail trim with drop off pets!

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