Copperfield Animal Clinic provides boarding services for our clients*!

Treat your pet to a stay under our roof where they receive three-times-daily outside time for relieving themselves, exercise, and play. Fresh bedding, food and water are provided daily. Our backyards are spacious, and families are welcome to have their pets outside together. Each pet receives personalized care and attention. We follow your feeding guidelines, and offer play-time and bathing services as well. It's also a convenient time to get regular updates performed while they're here! 

We may also continue treatments for patients that need medications given for chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and so forth. 

If your pet stays with us for 5 nights, they are eligible for a complimentary regular bath by our kennel staff. 

New to our clinic? Never boarded here before?

Download the Boarding Agreement to read through and bring with you to your reservation.

You can also download the boarding documents to prepare in advance, as well!

* To be considered a client here at Copperfield Animal Clinic, a once-yearly exam is required. Once performed, your pet may board here any time within the following year. 

All pets must be vaccinated according to Copperfield Animal Clinic requirements. 

Free nail trim with drop off pets!

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