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Pets have such varied personalities. Even if you’ve already raised a few cats and dogs in the same way, you can’t expect all of them to turn out similarly. The Copperfield Animal Clinic of Houston, TX will help you better care for all your pets regardless of their quirks or their specific needs. Caring properly for your pets whenever they get sick is never an easy task, but it can be far more manageable if you happen to live close to a great veterinary clinic.


The Importance of Having a Clinic That Provides Comprehensive Vet Care

For many pet owners, traveling with a furry friend is a tremendous challenge. If you happen to have a pet who likes riding in cars and is capable of relaxing for the duration of the trip, count yourself lucky. Many pets don’t act that way whenever they have to spend an extended amount of time inside a car.

Now, imagine having a pet dog who gets anxious during car rides. Your pet may start to move all over the interior of your car, being unable to relax at any point. Even if the trip to the veterinary clinic takes only a few minutes, it may take a real toll on your pet.

Think of how much tougher it would be on your pet if the two of you had to go to yet another veterinarian because the first clinic you visited could not provide the form of treatment required. Your pet may grow even sicker due to all the stress and anxiety. It would be so much easier on you and your pet if you only needed to make one trip for complete veterinary care.

What Services Should Be Offered by the Veterinarian

A good pet clinic must obviously be capable of conducting a complete check-up on your pet. If something is wrong with your pet, the clinic should be able to detect that right away.

It would also be ideal if the clinic you choose can offer imaging and laboratory services. Certain illnesses may not be immediately apparent even after a full-body check-up. Further examination may be necessary, which is why it is crucial for the clinic to provide imaging and lab work.

The best clinics should also offer pet dental services. Many pets encounter issues related to their teeth and you shouldn’t have to look far to have such a common problem addressed.

Lastly, and perhaps most important of all, a good veterinary clinic must provide emergency services. You never know when an accident may take place and it would be ideal if the clinic you frequent can care for your pet properly even on short notice.

The Only Veterinary Clinic You Need to Visit

Veterinary clinics that provide all-encompassing care are not easy to find. If you live in or around the Houston area and you’re in need of a skilled veterinarian who provides comprehensive vet care, call us today at (281) 859-4430 to set an appointment. We are proud to serve our community and we would love to help your furry friend live a long and healthy life.

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