Emergency Vet Care

Copperfield Animal Clinic Offers Emergency Veterinary Care

Copperfield Animal Clinic is your trusted source for veterinary care for your pets. We are here to serve the pet community in and around Houston, providing everything from wellness visits to emergency veterinary care and triage.


We Handle Pet Emergencies

A pet emergency can happen at any moment. Your pet is a curious creature and can easily get into a myriad of dangerous situations. Scenarios for emergency pet care can include:

Poison Ingestion

Puppies and kittens love to chew, sometimes they chew on items that are not good for their digestive systems. Adult dogs and cats also get into unattended items that can be poisonous. It is imperative that you seek treatment immediately for your pet if it has ingested a poisonous substance. Common household plants such as Aloe vera and onions can cause serious illness for your pets. Spills of toxic liquids like pesticides or bleach may lure your pet in for a taste test.

Minor Accidents

Accidents happen every day. A fall, a bump, or something more serious can cause severe pain and require immediate attention. We will care for your injured family pet as if it was part of our own family. A visual examination, X-rays, and ultrasound imaging all work together to provide a clear picture of the severity of the injury. These state-of-the-art tools help us diagnose and treat your pet with the best information available to determine a path toward optimum health and well-being.


Ear and eye infections can be a source of irritation and pain for your furry friend. A cut, particularly on the paw pad, can easily become infected. A tooth infection may cause loss of appetite and result in an abscess. There are many types of infections that could require emergency treatment. Getting your family pet the care and treatment it needs to fight off infections is necessary to prevent the issue from escalating into something more serious.

Major Accidents

Major accidents are a time of severe stress for you and your pet. Immediate, emergency care is critical. Even if there are no signs of outward injuries, you need to have your pet seen as soon as possible. Internal injuries can create complications that can be treated more effectively if they are caught right away.

Contact Us for Emergency Veterinary Care in Houston, TX

If you feel that your pet's health is in immediate danger, call our office at (281) 859-4430. Dr. Goldberger at Copperfield Animal Clinic can answer any questions that you may have and provide emergency treatment as needed. We are ready to advise you on the best emergency care to treat your pet.

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