Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care in Houston

You make regular visits to your dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups. Your pet deserves the same care for its teeth. The teeth can tell your pet's veterinarian a lot about its health. Pet dental problems could make eating difficult for your cat or dog. In some cases, your pet may experience a change in behavior from the pain of a bad tooth or inflamed gums. Don't let your pet suffer. Bring it to our Houston animal hospital at Copperfield Animal Clinic.


Why Dental Care Is Critical to Your Pet's Health

The health of your pet's teeth can impact the rest of their body. For instance, an untreated dental infection can spread to the rest of your pet. Tooth pain also makes it difficult for your pet to eat and act normally. Your cat or dog may snap at you more often or hide to keep you from touching its painful mouth.

Each year, when you bring your pet to our animal hospital for an annual checkup, the veterinarian looks for any signs of developing or existing dental problems. Early signs of trouble include a buildup of plaque, which becomes hard and turns into tartar. The plaque or tartar can hold bacteria close to the gums and teeth, encouraging periodontal disease or cavities.

Signs Your Pet May Have a Dental Problem

Between annual visits, look for the following signs of dental problems that indicate that your pet needs a veterinarian visit:

  • Bad breath
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Bleeding in the mouth
  • Pain in the mouth
  • Loss of appetite

Some pets may not let you pick them up to look at their teeth. A cat or dog in pain from a dental problem needs a vet evaluation. The vet has training to keep your pet from biting them during the exam.

What a Veterinarian Does for Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care at the veterinarian includes many of the same procedures that you get from your dentist. Unlike your regular visit to the dentist, though, your cat or dog will need any dental procedures performed under general anesthesia. The anesthesia keeps your pet still during the procedure and prevents it from feeling pain as the vet works. General anesthesia use is a standard across vet practices.

Under anesthesia, the vet may pull bad teeth, scale tartar and plaque from under the gumline, conduct a thorough cleaning, or take dental x-rays.

Bring Us Your Cat or Dog for Pet Dental Care

Whether your pet shows signs of tooth or gum problems or you just want our vet to give it a dental checkup, contact us at Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston at (281) 859-4430. If your pet needs a dental extraction or other procedure, we have a surgical center onsite to treat your cat or dog. Let us help your pet to live as long as possible by taking care of its whole body from teeth to tail.

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