Pet Dermatology

Severe skin diseases can distress your pet. At Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, we provide exceptional pet skincare to keep your pet healthy and happy. If you notice anything wrong with your pet’s coat or skin, visit us today and we will make a suitable diagnosis and offer treatment.


What Is Pet Dermatology?

Pet dermatology is a medicine branch that deals with the skin, nails, and hair of an animal. Most times, skin irritation indicates an underlying health problem. Who is a pet dermatologist? A pet dermatologist is a doctor who has gone through studies to handle pet dermatology related issues. They are experts who examine pets, make the proper diagnosis, and provide treatment.

Signs Your Pet Should Visit a Pet Dermatologist

While it is usual for pets to use their paws to scratch themselves, there is a limit to this. When it goes beyond this limit, it becomes an indication of a dermatology issue. Here are signs and symptoms that signal the need to visit a vet for pet skin care.

Scratching Often

If your cat or dog is scratching their skin repeatedly, they may be having a skin condition. Part their fur, then check whether they have a visible rash (it may be pink or red) or raised bumps. If it’s present, take your pet to an animal hospital for the vet to do an assessment.

Presence of Fleas

When fleas crawl and bite your pet’s skin, they cause itching and irritation. Due to this, your pet reacts by biting their skin in order to find relief. These bites may cause sores. If your pet has a flea allergy, they will have raised bumps. In case your pet’s skin does not clear fast, visit our pet dermatologist at Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston for assessment and treatment.

Allergic Reactions

Different allergies can cause skin problems. For instance, if your pet has a food or flea allergy, they may develop rashes. It is vital to avoid triggers to protect your pet from skin problems. If you aren’t certain what is causing the allergy, visit our veterinary for the vet to determine the trigger.

Missing Fur Patches

A pet’s fur may fall out due to constant bites and licks. When you notice fur patches, this may be an indication of a skin problem. Nevertheless, stress can make a cat or dog lose fur. That’s why you should take your pet to the animal hospital for a proper diagnosis.  

How Does a Veterinary Dermatologist Help with Pet Skin Problems?

When you visit our vet for pet skin care, he/she will take your pet through skin biopsies, allergy tests, and other diagnostic assessments. He/she will then identify the underlying problem and its cause. Using these results, they will administer effective treatment.

Get Exceptional Pet Dermatology Services at Copperfield Animal Clinic

Is your dog having skin issues? At Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, our veterinary dermatologist performs exhaustive diagnostic tests and provides excellent pet skin care. Call us at (281) 859-4430 to schedule an appointment.

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