Pet Medical Services

When most people think of pet services provided at an animal hospital, they usually think of a pretty standard set of functions. Those might include such things as vaccinations, teeth cleaning, setting broken bones, bandaging wounds, and a few others. Just as a doctor provides a wide range of medical services to people, the veterinarians at Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston provide a host of services to animals that can improve the quality of their lives.

First Steps

Our animal hospital provides the most complete veterinary care available. Starting with a wellness check-up, we can examine your furry friend from nose to tail checking things like their skin, eyes, mouth, nose, and joints. Our vet can make sure there aren’t any parasites or mites hiding away in your pet’s ears or under the tail. If the check-up does uncover any serious medical issues we are equipped to handle them.

Emergency Care

If your pet is having a medical emergency such as a serious injury or an illness, we offer emergency pet services as well. Another common condition our vets see all too often is a pet who has ingested poison. Animals explore the world with their mouths and unfortunately, that means they swallow the wrong thing sometimes. If your pet finds themself in this situation you can bring them in as we are always available to help.

Surgical Care

Surgery can be a scary thing for both humans and pets alike. We pride ourselves on providing a stress-free environment when a pet needs a surgical procedure. Some common procedures include spay/neuter, foreign body removal, mass removal, and dental extractions. We will also provide your pet with post-operation pet pain medications and in some cases preventative antibiotics.

In-house Imaging and Laboratory Services

An important component of the pet medical services that our animal hospital provides is the analysis of the data that we collect. For this, we use our own in-house imaging and laboratory which uses some technology you are likely already familiar with. Examination tools such as digital x-rays, ultrasound, and we even have an isolation room that our vet can use if we find that your pet has a contagious disease.

Your local Houston Veterinarian

If you live in the Houston area and your pet is in need of quality pet medical services, call Copperfield Animal Clinic. We cover a wide range of veterinary services that your pet needs to live a happy and healthy life.

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