Pet Skin Allergies

At Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, we want pet owners to understand the importance of identifying and treating pet skin allergies quickly and effectively. One of the common problems with these allergic reactions in your pets is that they may require animal hospital visits or extensive veterinary testing in order to identify and properly treat the culprit for your pet’s unpleasant skin condition.


Common Causes of Pet Skin Allergies

Pets can experience seasonal allergies, just as humans do. The difference is that in addition to the potential for sneezing and overall misery, pets often have skin reactions as well. It isn’t just seasonal allergies that impact pets, though. You may need to take a few vet visits with your pet to sort things out and make your pet’s life more comfortable. The following are common culprits when it comes to pet skin allergies:

  • Pet grooming products (powders, shampoos, etc.).
  • Pet food.
  • Flea allergies.
  • The environment (this may include seasonal allergies as well as ingredients in the home like carpet shampoo, floor cleaners, carpet powders, etc.).

It may take testing or a little bit of trial and error to identify the exact cause of your pet’s misery. Unfortunately, these conditions often appear to worsen every time your pet experiences an allergic outbreak.

Treating Skin Allergies in Pets

Your first stop should be to your favorite animal hospital or veterinary service provider, like Copperfield Animal Clinic. Your vet can help you identify the cause of your pet’s skin discomfort and recommend treatments that will provide relief. There are many things your veterinarian may recommend, including:

  • Prescription allergy medications.
  • Skincare ointments to soothe your pet’s inflamed skin.
  • Dietary changes (perhaps multiple changes if it is a food allergy causing the problems).
  • Prescription or over-the-counter allergy medications.
  • Changing household cleaning products. Even your laundry detergent can trigger skin allergies in your pet.
  • Preventative flea treatments.
  • Getting rid of, if possible, certain trees, plans, or grasses where you walk your dog.
  • Reducing the amount of time your pet spends outdoors during certain high-allergen seasons.

Houston is green and lush and beautiful. This creates many opportunities for seasonal allergens, environmental allergens, and more to abound. Working with our dedicated staff at Copperfield Animal Clinic can help you quickly get to the bottom of your pet’s allergy problems and so much more so you can focus on enjoying your time together without the misery of pet skin allergies coming between you.

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