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Pet Wellness Exams at Copperfield Animal Clinic

Now that you’ve adopted a new pet, it’s time to make plans for his care. Finding a qualified veterinarian is the first step toward keeping your pet in good health. If you live in the Houston, TX, area, you can bring your kitten or puppy to Copperfield Animal Clinic for his first wellness exam. Wellness exams are essential to the health and well-being of pets. Here is why.


Importance of Preventative Vet Care

Wellness exams play an essential role in preventative pet care. We recommend your pet have an annual wellness exam, so our Houston veterinarian can monitor his health. Many times, our veterinarian will discover early warning signs of a health condition or disease during a wellness exam, enabling your pet to get immediate treatment. Early treatment of health issues can lead to a quicker recovery for your animal. It certainly will alleviate any pain or discomfort he may be feeling.

Dental checkups, parasite control, vaccinations, microchipping, and spay and neuter procedures are also important aspects of preventative vet care.

Key Components of Wellness Exams

What does a wellness exam entail? First, our Houston veterinarian will review your pet’s medical history to get a better idea of his overall health. We’ll inquire about his diet, exercise regimen, habits, behavior, and lifestyle in order to get to know him better. We’ll also answer any questions you may have concerning his vet care.

Next, we’ll check your kitten or puppy’s vital signs, like temperature, respiration, and pulse, and record his weight. This data will be entered into his health records for future reference.

Then we’ll give your pet a thorough physical exam from head to tail. We’ll check his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, abdomen, legs, feet, and joints. We’ll listen to your pet’s heart and lungs and inspect his skin for signs of allergies, infections, or disease. If your animal shows signs of sickness, we’ll perform diagnostic tests to confirm his state of health. Depending on your pet’s age and physical condition, we may perform health screenings to include blood count, urinalysis, parasite testing, and x-rays.

A wellness exam provides the perfect opportunity for updating your animal’s vaccinations, if needed, to keep him safe from contagious diseases. In Texas, dogs and cats are required to have a rabies vaccine every one to three years, as recommended by a licensed vet.   

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam with our Houston, TX, Veterinarian

Pet wellness exams can help preserve your pet’s health from younghood through his senior years. A healthy and happy pet will provide you with loving companionship for years to come. To schedule a wellness exam for your kitten or puppy, contact Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston today at 281-859-4430.

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