Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppy Care, Kitten Care, and Your Veterinarian's Role with Younger Pets

As your veterinarian, look to us to help you get your new puppies and kittens started right. We'll provide the latest information and advice, make sure their growth and development are on track, and provide all the required vaccinations and tests to ensure that they can fit in just right with your family. We can show you what to look for when you play with them, and what the best ways to enjoy their active early lives and feed them for healthy growth. Many years down the road, you can look back and be glad that you gave them a good start with visits to our Houston veterinarian at Copperfield Animal Clinic.


Socialization: Let's Start Before They Arrive At Your Home

We'd like to be there for you even before your first checkup, in case you have any concerns. Just give us a call and let us know you're bringing a new family member home. We can give you information about how to introduce them to any other pets you already have, so you don't start with a traumatic confrontation. 

As soon as possible, you should bring your new pets in for puppy care or kitten care so they can get a thorough checkup and get used to carrier transportation in a calm, planned way. That way, if later in their lives they need an emergency visit, they'll know the routine and be more confident about it.

The Medical Side of Puppy Care and Kitten Care

Since you're welcoming a new living creature into your home, you may be also welcoming whatever hitchhiking organisms your new pets may have picked up in their early days or weeks. It's a standard part of the first checkup to start by looking for anything they might share with other pets or humans, such as parasites or diseases. While you're here, make sure to ask your veterinarian any questions you have and to get some general advice about diet, house training, and teaching them to get along well with everyone else.

We're Waiting For Your Puppies or Kittens’ First Appointment!

At Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, TX, we would like to join you in caring for your new puppies and kittens and welcoming them to the world. Give us a call for information and appointments at 281-859-4430.


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