Veterinary Services

When you need veterinary services for your pets, you want to trust your pet to professional pet lovers. At Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, we pride ourselves on providing the best care for your pet with compassion and expertise. Our range of services covers everything from basic grooming to surgery. Big or small, we are here to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Veterinary Services

Visit our animal hospital for emergency services and routine surgeries. Meet our veterinarian Natalie Goldberger for a routine checkup to keep your pet healthy. Take advantage of our boarding services, and don't forget to schedule a dental checkup as well. 

Emergency Services

If you need an emergency animal hospital, we have three locations in Houston. If your pet has been seriously injured, ingested poison or another harmful substance, or is experiencing any other type of health emergency, we are always available to help. If your pet's life is at risk, don't hesitate to get emergency care.

Surgical Procedures

We can perform most surgical procedures in house. These include spay/neuter, foreign body removal, mass removal, and dental extractions. We are also able to perform orthopedic surgeries. Your pet can recover in comfort until they are healed enough to return home. We will give your pet pain medications and in some cases preventative antibiotics. 

Routine Appointments

Our veterinarian can help your pet with most health conditions and preventative treatments. We recommend every pet owner bring their four-legged friends in for a yearly checkup. Checkups include a weight check, routine tests, dental check-up, full-body exam, and more. We can also ensure that your pet is up to date with shots, heartworm prevention, and flea prevention.  In addition, we treat chronic health issues, diseases and viruses, parasites, and orthopedic issues. 

Boarding Services

Our boarding services provide everything your pet needs for a safe and comfortable stay. They are allowed outside 3 times each day to play, exercise, and relieve themselves. Our spacious yard gives them plenty of room to run and play. Food, water, and clean bedding are provided each day.

You can select playtime and bathing services as well, to give your pet some extra TLC. We are happy to follow your feeding guidelines, and ensure that each pet receives attention each day. If your pet is taking any medications, we can administer those as well. 

In-House Imaging and Laboratory Services

We offer a variety of imaging services for your convenience. These include ultrasounds and digital x-rays. We also provide a myriad of laboratory services so we can best identify what is causing your pet to be ill. Should we find that your pet has a contagious disease, we have an isolation room we can place them in to avoid spreading the disease.

Copperfield Animal Clinic 

Let Copperfield Animal Clinic provide the care your pet needs in Houston. Contact us today for an appointment. We will treat you and your pet like family. 

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