Behavioral Counseling

Behavior problems may seem daunting, but at East Roswell Vet Hospital, we are here to diagnose and help you manage behavior problems to ensure safety and an enjoyable time as a member of your family. Whether you have a new a puppy or behavior issues with an older dog, we have the experience to determine the cause and develop a treatment program to help you and your canine or feline friend.

Many of the common behaviors that we can address in dogs are aggression, begging, excessive barking, food guarding, howling, mounting, mouthing, separation anxiety, unwanted chewing and whining. We often see cats for inappropriate urination, inter-cat aggression, and destructive behaviors.

Our staff has extensive experience in not only diagnosing and development treatment plans for different behavior issues, but we will always provide solutions that are humane and effective. If you are dealing with one or more of these issues, we can help you down the road to having an obedient and loyal friend that will be well-behaved in any situation. Call us today at 470-588-0173 to schedule an appointment.


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