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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston, Texas!
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  • Natalie Goldberger, DVM - Owner

    Dr. Goldberger graduated from UCV (Central University of Venezuela) in 1991. She gained her National license through the AVMA-Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates in 2008. She is licensed in Texas and Colorado, and is also a NATRC veterinary judge since 2012. Doctor G’s passion has been for the well being of animals since she were born. She loves to horseback ride and take care of her pets when she is not working.

  • Melanie C
    Vet Assistant

    MELANIE joined the staff in January of 2019, fresh into the veterinary field. She has four dogs and a horse, as well as a young son. Her favorite breed is pit bulls and thoroughbred horses. In her off time she enjoys time with family, riding horses and competing in rodeos. She's also a big fan of trying new foods around town.

  • Lea M
    Front Desk Receptionist

    Lea is loving animal since she could walk. Her immediate goal is to become a Vet Tech.

    She owns six pets herself, and she likes to foster rescued cats. Lea likes to spend her spare time horse riding, fishing, hiking, bike riding, swimming. So, anything outdoor pretty much.

  • Julie B
    Front Desk Receptionist

    Julie has been volunteering since 2019 in the animal field. She joined CAC team in 2020. Her ultimate goal is to become a Vet and place her own practice.

    She loves pets (of course) Enjoy working with new people. Love to learn new things as well, and have fun.

    She owns 3 pet herself.

    Julie interests are to travel, food, family, and animals.

    Her hobbies are playing volleyball, and watching horse races.

  • Patricia
    Kennel Specialist

    Patricia joined CAC family on August 2019 coming from an extend background in the animal field.

  • Marie C.
    Greeter Supervisor
    Marie is our Professional Greeter here at CAC. When she is not greeting clients she is literally in her box at the front desk, relocating pens (even when in use), and of course making friends with our patients in the back! She likes to roam the entire clinic taking care of business supervising the entire crew. She was left in the clinic when she was just 6 weeks old, and it didn't take her much to gain the whole crew hearts.
  • Noski
    Treatment Area Supervisor

    Nosky was a found and brought to the clinic. She has gained the love of all of us due to her gentle and lazy character. She just like to be rubbed on her belly or be laying in her basket. She loves to play with Marie as well.

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