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If you are looking for routine and emergency pet care in West Houston, Copperfield Animal Clinic has your and your furry friends covered. One of the most common reasons people come to our veterinary clinic is for annual examinations, spaying and neutering, and pet vaccines.

Core pet vaccinations are essential for any pet’s health, and several non-care vaccines can further boost their immunity for other harmful conditions. Let’s discuss how vaccinations for animals work and which ones they need to have a better life. 


The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Here in Houston, we have an array of natural areas, parks, and trails filled with wildlife. These areas all pose risks to animals who travel outdoors or escape the yard or home. But, if pets are vaccinated, they will develop immunity to most diseases they encounter outside their home.

Core and non-core shots help cats and dogs enjoy greater resistance of diseases by stimulating the immune systems’ antibody protection. Some pets require annual or periodic boosters from a veterinary provider to maintain their efficacy. Veterinary professionals recommend bringing in puppies and kittens around 8 weeks of age to explore recommended vaccines and get a proper examination.

Core and Non-Core Vaccines for Puppies and Dogs

Core vaccines are those considered essential, regardless of the pet’s age and health, while non-core shots are generally administered when a pet’s lifestyle puts them at greater risk of being exposed to certain contagious diseases or illnesses. The most fundamental core shot is the rabies vaccine, and it is available in one or three-year doses. Most states mandate this injection by law.

Other core vaccines help prevent dangerous conditions like canine hepatitis, distemper, and canine parvovirus, which are deadly and highly contagious.

Common non-core vaccines for dogs and puppies include:

  • Bordetella Bronchiseptica/Kennel Cough
  • Borrelia Burgdorferi
  • Leptospira Bacteria
  • Lyme Disease
  • Canine Herpes Virus

Core and Non-Core Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Felines have similar needs to dogs, but their lifestyle is somewhat different, which presents the need for specialized vaccines. Core vaccines for cats should ideally occur between 8 and 16 weeks of age, and these include:

  • Rabies
  • Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper)
  • Feline Calicivirus
  • Feline Herpesvirus Type I (Rhinotracheitis)

Non-core vaccinations for kitties include Bordetella Bronchiseptica, which is required and recommended for those who are frequently boarding. Another non-core vaccine for cats is chlamydiophila, and it is for breeding animals, multi-cat homes, or those with a history of the infection. Feline leukemia is also recommended for cats in the city of Houston.

Choose Copperfield Animal Clinic for Pet Vaccinations in Houston

We’re here to help you get your pets the vaccinations that allow them to live a longer, healthier life. Contact Copperfield Animal Clinic in Houston at 281-859-4430 to make an appointment.

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